Hank Beatty

High School Fantasy Football: Week Ten

  We have a winner! Jay Philly came up in the clutch in week nine with a massive 197.7, stealing away the High School Fantasy Football title from DP. He had a 45 point

High School Fantasy Football: Week Nine

  DP clings to a first place lead heading into our final week of the regular season, but Jay Philly and JT are right on his tail. Intern Leanna still has some ground to

High School Fantasy Football: Week Eight

  After a huge week seven DP finds himself right back on top of the leaderboards. The rest of the crew still sit within striking distance with only two drafts left to go. Who

High School Fantasy Football: Week Seven

  JT put up our biggest point total so far in Week Six, but Jay Philly did just enough to regain the top spot on the leaderboards. DP and Leanna trail close behind as

High School Fantasy Football: Week Six 2019

  The leaderboard has a few changes after Week Five. Despite two of his players not playing, DP won for the second straight week and took over the top spot in the standings. Where

High School Fantasy Football: Week Five 2019

  Jay Philly’s big lead has vanished with DP winning Week Four. After a full rotation of draft selections, it’s anyone’s league to win. Who did they take in Week Five to try and

High School Fantasy Football: Week Four 2019

  JT finally stole one back! A big 182.2 point week from the defending champ was good for first place, with DP, Jay Philly and Intern Leanna following close behind in a high-scoring week

Rochester Runs Away From Southeast For 30 Point Win

  Hank Beatty scored the first two touchdowns for Rochester to start the 2019 season and he’s only a sophomore. The Rockets ran away from Southeast for a 55-25 win over the Spartans at