Jim Ruppert

The More We Get to Know Them, the More We Find to Like
SHG, MacArthur Claim Tournament Titles in Advance of Friday Showdown
CS8 Boys and Girls Teams Head Off in Various Directions for Holiday Tournaments
Devlin, Montgomery Heading into ITCCCA Hall of Fame
Showcase Shows SHG, MacArthur are the Teams to Beat in CS8
Facts and Opinions on the End of Ken Leonard’s Reign
Thank You for the Memories, Leonard Bowl. We Will Miss You
Close Calls Like the One SHG Had at Waterloo Often Lead to State Championships
Winning Playoff Football Games Isn’t as Easy as SHG, Rochester Make It Look
It Took a While, but Playoffs are a Big Part of Illinois High School Football
The Tiers of the Central State Eight
District 186 Students, Athletes Will Miss Mike Zimmers
CS8 Player of the Year Race Has All Kinds of Quality Candidates
We’re Just Trying to Help: A Few Football Rules Changes to Consider
Cyclones Are Living the Reality: ‘Our Biggest Opponent is Ourselves’
Three Weeks In, and CS8 Is Just As We Suspected
SHS Cross Country Baton Now in Cotner’s Competent Hands
What Did We Learn Week One in the CS8?
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