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Ten Question Tuesday: SHG’s Nick Broeker

  SHG Ten Question Tuesdays are back! And there’s no bigger way to bring them back than with the big man himself, Nick Broeker! The Ole Miss commit shows off his singing chops, details

Ten Question Tuesday: Auburn’s Katie Tanner

  How often does someone announce their crush on Ten Question Tuesday? Auburn’s Katie Tanner isn’t afraid to let a special sophomore know how she feels, she just doesn’t want him to watch the

Ten Question Tuesday: North Mac’s Sam Mount

  After achieving Sportscenter fame, we weren’t sure how North Mac’s Sam Mount was going to handle a Ten Question Tuesday, but after we got through his secret language and a little bit of

Ten Question Tuesday: Mt. Pulaski’s Skylar Hayes

  We hung out with the Hilltoppers this week as Skylar Hayes, Mt. Pulaski’s all-time leading scorer in girls hoops, gives us the scoop on how she really balls out (with online shopping), shows

Ten Question Tuesday: Maroa-Forsyth’s Tanner Hetz

  Three sport standout Tanner Hetz has a mad dog face that may come out when he’s angry. Maroa-Forsyth’s junior linebacker tells us about his temper, his Life 360, his ties with the Trojans’

Ten Question Tuesday: Pleasant Plains’ McKenzie Smith

  We check in with the state-bound Cardinals this week as senior volleyball player McKenzie Smith gives us a spooky post-Halloween #TQT. She talks about past Halloween costumes, her experiences with haunted houses, the

Ten Question Tuesday: Williamsville’s Sidney Craig

  Williamsville’s Sidney Craig has a special love for cheese she shares in this week’s Ten Question Tuesday. Make sure you don’t eat any grapes she might share with you and try to keep

Ten Question Tuesday: Rochester’s Cade Eddington

  Last week he got an offer to play football at “The University of Miami” a.k.a. “The U”. How did the Rochester wide receiver handle a Ten Question Tuesday? Well we discovered Cade Eddington

Ten Question Tuesday: North Mac’s Jake Mullink

  Pretty boy “Princess” Jake Mullink takes his turn for Ten Question Tuesday, where we learn about riding pigs, painting nails, getting concussions and being scared of haunted houses. We also get a taste

Ten Question Tuesday: Rochester’s Ava Greer

  Leonard Bowl week means all eyes turn to Rochester vs SHG. We let the Ten Question Tuesday spotlight shine on a Rocket cheerleader this year. Ava Greer a.k.a. Bernice likes to cheat on

Ten Question Tuesday: PORTA’s Vaughn Toyne

  We headed out to Petersburg for this week’s #TQT to catch up with quarterback Vaughn Toyne to find out how competitive he is, how well he knows his family, and learn that he’s