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Best of Ten Question Tuesday Fall and Winter

  How about a Throwback Thursday to the best Ten Question Tuesdays we’ve seen this season!? We pulled one question from each of the ten most watched #TQT’s from the fall and spring and

Ten Question Tuesday: Lincoln’s Kaden Froebe

  Which Froebe will have the best career as a Railsplitter? We start Kaden’s #TQT with the tough question and then get into cold medicine hallucinations, going viral, his wake boarding and rapping skills

Ten Question Tuesday: Lanphier’s Jaden Snodgrass

  Jaden “Cowboy” Snodgrass wasn’t shy as the Lanphier Lion had the tough task of guarding a #TQT. From his fishing adventures with an SEC lineman, first Wrigley Field memories, grade school basketball teams,

Ten Question Tuesday: Athens’ Jack Richards

  It’s cream time with Athens senior basketball player Jack Richards! Find out what his favorite bedtime snack is, how you can become a member of the mustache club, learn why you should never

Ten Question Tuesday: Auburn’s Eric Greenwalt

  Auburn basketball’s Eric “Easy E” Greenwalt breaks down the duties of a quality manager, how he got the job and if he’s ever messed up. Easy is a big fan of Dr Pepper

Ten Question Tuesday: Calvary’s Derrick Roberts

  It was our first time heading out to Calvary for a #TQT, and star forward Derrick Roberts didn’t disappoint! From his best middle school football team ever to Kool-aid pickles, D-Rob shared his

Ten Question Tuesday: Lanphier’s Rodrick Love

  Rodrick Love: Attorney At Law or WWE Superstar? The Lanphier Lion hasn’t decided on a career yet but he does know where to get the best haircut, has the best warmup song, and

Ten Question Tuesday: Rochester’s Camden Ramsey

  We check the Chaw-chester scale for heavyweight wrestler Camden Ramsey in this week’s Ten Question Tuesday. Ramsey teaches us about mirror selfies fresh out of the shower, asking dates for homecoming, being scared

Ten Question Tuesday: TCSV’s Ashlyn Sturdy

  The all state point guard has one of the best signature celebrations we’ve ever seen…we just don’t quite know what it is. Sangamon Valley’s Ashlyn Sturdy talks about her “whale tail” haircut, her

Ten Question Tuesday: Riverton’s Travis Hogan

  We’ve seen what he can do on the court, but did you know Dunk Boy Travis Hogan could sing? The Tik Tok legend explained his love for High School Musical, why he eats

Ten Question Tuesday: Lanphier’s Martrice Brooks

  Favorite food? Best sleeping position? Lanphier’s star guard Martrice “Peanut” Brooks tells all about her “love” for dogs, shows us her favorite Tik Tok dance, and even digs for gold in another classic