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Ten Question Tuesday: Glenwood’s Eli Vogler

  Crazy E has plenty of nicknames, including the self proclaimed Cyclone Crusher (his WWE name), but his dinosaur roars and loud orders at restaurants make him a little less scary. Glenwood’s Eli Vogler

Ten Question Tuesday: Springfield High’s Collin Taylor

  When he isn’t shutting out opposing offenses, Springfield High goalkeeper Collin Taylor is probably gaming, bowling, listening to Taylor Swift. Hear about the time he got locked in a bowling alley bathroom, whether

Best Of Ten Question Tuesday: 2018-2019

  Looking back at Ten Question Tuesday’s best from the 2018-2019 school year, we took the best questions from the most watched TQT’s and put them together for your viewing pleasure.

Ten Question Tuesday: Springfield High’s Morgan Gill

  Paddleball expert/Springfield High midfielder Morgan Gill explains her love for cosmic brownies, addresses her tiny hands, shows off some quite impressive dance moves, and even let us in on how productive she can

Ten Question Tuesday: SHG’s Grant Edwards

  Whether it was his blue goo, 12 gallons of milk or 120 eggs in a week, Grant Edwards was fueled up for his Ten Question Tuesday. The SHG shot put thrower tells us

Ten Question Tuesday: Williamsville’s Bryce Newton

  The Twitch legend himself Bryce Newton was not shy as we headed to Williamsville for this week’s TQT. The Bullet Ace discussed snowboarding, shark attacks, his rivalry with Emma and even the time

Ten Question Tuesday: Springfield High’s Robert Williams

  Who is Mr. Bean? Springfield High’s Robert Williams discusses bathroom rituals, addresses his lisp, and lets us know what’s worse: getting spacers or falling over a hurdle. The Senator track standout even clues

Ten Question Tuesday: New Berlin’s Dalton Minder

  This may be the grossest Ten Question Tuesday of all time, but New Berlin’s Dalton Minder is just glad he got the chance instead of his older brother Payton. We learn about Daltina,

Ten Question Tuesday: Rochester’s Reagan Miles

  If you like impressions then this week’s TQT with Reagan Miles is for you. We learn all about the Rocket pitching ace’s Tinder catfish game as well as her alter egos, snapchat skills,

Ten Question Tuesday: Southeast’s Serena Bolden

  Future LSU Tiger Serena Bolden was not shy as we traveled to Southeast for this week’s TQT. Serena explained her love for candy, how she got lost on the beach, why she can’t

Ten Question Tuesday: Sangamon Valley’s Shayla Mills

  Have you ever been emotionally attached to food? Sangamon Valley’s Shayla Mills has and she tells us all about it on this week’s TQT. From burritos to nuggets and everything in-between, the TCSV

Ten Question Tuesday: Glenwood’s Maya Black

  Glenwood junior Maya Black takes us through one of the wildest Ten Question Tuesday we’ve ever seen. The third baseman talks kid’s names, fears of the dark and stains on white pants, Harry

Ten Question Tuesday: Rochester’s Emily Wollet

  Want to know how Rochester’s Emily Wollet keeps people away from her goal? She tells us how she blows off steam before games, rattles off multiple animal impressions, explains her many car-related mishaps,

Ten Question Tuesday: Southeast’s Michael Tyler

  Our final basketball Ten Question Tuesday sends us to the East Side where Michael Tyler talks about his teammates’ hair, house keys, jersey sizes, tying your shoes, endorsement deals, teether ball fights and