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Ten Question Tuesday: TCSV’s Ashlyn Sturdy

  The all state point guard has one of the best signature celebrations we’ve ever seen…we just don’t quite know what it is. Sangamon Valley’s Ashlyn Sturdy talks about her “whale tail” haircut, her

Ten Question Tuesday: Riverton’s Travis Hogan

  We’ve seen what he can do on the court, but did you know Dunk Boy Travis Hogan could sing? The Tik Tok legend explained his love for High School Musical, why he eats

Ten Question Tuesday: Lanphier’s Martrice Brooks

  Favorite food? Best sleeping position? Lanphier’s star guard Martrice “Peanut” Brooks tells all about her “love” for dogs, shows us her favorite Tik Tok dance, and even digs for gold in another classic

Ten Question Tuesday: Glenwood’s Emme Pruitt

  She’s the biggest Coach Hay fan in the world, has a crush on the Nebraska backup QB and rocks the side ponytail better than anyone. Glenwood’s Emme Pruitt talked Skittles, Sonic, her fear

Ten Question Tuesday: Rochester’s Jarrett Reed

  Rochester safety Jarrett Reed turns in another legendary Reed #TQT as he shows us his love for pickles & ranch, gives us his Jarredactyl sound, and even sings for us as the Rockets

Ten Question Tuesday: Athens’ Nic Laird

  Nic Laird may not be afraid of any defense, but what about ladybugs? The expert fisherman explained his dog whispering powers, his Carhartt love and if he actually does his homework all on

Ten Question Tuesday: Rochester’s Clay Bruno

  What is Chaw-chester’s senior quarterback afraid of? Turns out he hates heights, he’s not a fan of green beans or sweet potatoes but he does enjoy a good onesie and teeing off on

Ten Question Tuesday: Glenwood’s Luke Lehnen

  We know he’s a great athlete, but have you seen Luke Lehnen’s dance moves? The CS8’s biggest Glee fan explains how he pulled his own tooth, has a sleepwalking problem, might be a

Ten Question Tuesday: Auburn’s Colin Dubois

  A self described dirt squirrel looking Auburn athlete has been drinking coffee since he was three while watching Transformers on the couch and waiting for the Oklahoma game to come on. Colin Dubois

Ten Question Tuesday: SHG’s Nina Williams

  How do you pronounce Nina? Apparently there’s more than one way. SHG volleyball player Nina Williams explains how she got frostbite in August, how she lost her class ring, and what ever happened