Chatham Glenwood

Softball Bat Juggling Challenge

  We issued the challenge to local baseball and softball players to get creative with their juggling by using a bat and a ball. We only received a few softball players’ videos, but the

Local Athletes Get Creative In Track Challenge

  We put out a challenge on twitter and facebook for local track athletes to get creative with how they enter the blocks or start/end their events. This is the first round of videos

Best of Ten Question Tuesday Fall and Winter

  How about a Throwback Thursday to the best Ten Question Tuesdays we’ve seen this season!? We pulled one question from each of the ten most watched #TQT’s from the fall and spring and

UCB Cup CS8 Standings Winter 2020 Update

  Check in on the updated standings for the CS8 in the UCB Cup race. For full standings as well as a scoring breakdown, head to the UCB Cup page in the features tab