Soccer (Boys)

Rochester Soccer’s Stuckey Talks IHSA Decision

  We spoke with Rochester girls soccer head coach Brent Stuckey on Thursday about the IHSA decision to move girls soccer and how it affects the sport. People-Tag: Brent Stuckey

Central Illinois Coaches React To IHSA Decision

  Hear from football, volleyball, soccer and cross country coaches from the CS8 and Sangamo about the state and the IHSA news from Wednesday and what they have to say about the seasons being

Coaches Check In During Shelter In Place: Part 4

  We got a new batch of coaches ready to check in with us about their time at home during Shelter in Place. We talk to Glenwood’s Coach Cox, Rochester’s Coach Kutscher and Williamsville’s

Soccer Juggling Challenge Part Two

  More videos came rolling in of local athletes juggling a soccer ball, including some in very interesting spots! Check it out and if you have more, send them in to