Southeast Defense Denies Glenwood Shot At Upset

  Southeast gave up just 15 points in the final three quarters to send Glenwood away with a 51-26 loss on the East Side Saturday evening. Three Spartans finished in double figure scoring, Terrion

High School Basketball UPickEm: Week 3

DP, Jay Philly, and JT break down the full Friday and Saturday slates for high school basketball UPickEm. Springfield vs Glenwood, Plains vs Porta, Glenwood vs Southeast and SHG vs MacArthur.

Early Season CS8 & Area Hoops Power Rankings

    We decided to make it easy for you and put both the CS8 and Area rankings in one convenient place for you to check out. Remember: this is just our opinion, so

High School Basketball UPickEm: Week 2

DP, Jay-Philly, and JT talk Friday night's high school basketball UPickEm slate. Hear what they have to say about Glenwood vs SHG, MacArthur vs Springfield and Plains at Williamsville.  

High School Basketball UPickEm: Week 1

UPickEm basketball is underway for the 2018 season. DP, Jay Philly and JT talk Lincoln vs Taylorville and the full slate for the Springfield Clinic and Sports Radio 1450 Capital City Showcase. Make sure