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Ten Question Tuesday: Southeast’s Anthony Fairlee

  The self-declared best dunker in the CS8 tells us what he got for Christmas, what’s wrong with his car, his toes and if he has a girlfriend. Southeast’s Anthony Fairlee makes up words

Ten Question Tuesday: Cody Flavin

  Glenwood heavyweight Cody “Flavor” Flavin has busted on to the scene this season. He has no idea who the real Flavor Flav is, he’s not sure why his mom keeps yelling “GET BIG!”

Ten Question Tuesday: Williamsville’s Daetayvian Woodson

  The owner of Tay Tay island, Williamsville senior Daetayvian Woodson tells us about his many talents in this week’s Ten Question Tuesday. Those include singing, dancing, cooking, avoiding dogs and looking good on

Ten Question Tuesday: Glenwood’s Makenzie Bray

  Glenwood’s Makenzie Bray took a break from running into poles and getting smoked in the face by volleyballs to talk to us about more important things. She took a basketball to homecoming, has

Ten Question Tuesday: New Berlin’s Hunter Stockton

  New Berlin’s multi-sport standout Hunter Stockton has a history of throwing up in big moments. He gets confused with his coach at times, but not when he’s dressing up in costume. We made

Ten Question Tuesday: Auburn’s Katryel Clark

  We had to interrupt Auburn’s Katryel Clark from one of the weekly photoshoots her and her mom go on to record this week’s #TQT. She owns an invisible microphone but she doesn’t sound

Ten Question Tuesday: Rochester’s Nick Capriotti

  Is it considered chaw if you ask your girlfriend out while on a lawn mower? Rochester’s Nick Capriotti thinks so. The senior running back wasn’t a great JFL quarterback or punter, he wore

Ten Question Tuesday: Maroa’s Murt Jatoi

  Murt Jatoi aka “Grown Murt” comes hard this week with freestyle flows so tough you’ll think he stole them straight out of a nursery rhyme book. He hates feet but he hates worms

Ten Question Tuesday: Williamsville’s D.J. Mumaw

  Check out “Buster’s” linebacker face as we learn all about Williamsville senior linebacker D.J. Mumaw and his habit of wearing his sister’s clothes, putting his camo crocs in sports mode, cuddling up with

Ten Question Tuesday: Kevin Ingram

  Pleasant Plains safety Kevin Ingram may not know how to get his team hype with a speech in practice, but he sure does have an interesting way to land the girl of his

Ten Question Tuesday: RJ Gippleh’s Bonus Cut

    There’s no doubt that SHG’s RJ Gippleh’s Ten Question Tuesday was a hit. Cyclone nation requested the rest of the questions we asked RJ during his interview, so we threw them together

Ten Question Tuesday: SHG’s RJ Gippleh

    SHG’s RJ Gippleh or should we say “Big Poppa” or “Biscuit” is either excusing himself from the classroom or moisturizing his knees. Sundays are for studying with Gretchen Madonia, but the rest

Ten Question Tuesday: Southeast’s Sydney Tobias

  Southeast’s Sydney Tobias may be a jock in the pool but she’s a dork everywhere else. The Wonder Woman wanna-be takes a break before City Swim to bust out a Beauty and the

Ten Question Tuesday: Athens’ Noah Tisdale

  Athens’ tight end Noah Tisdale is a truck-lovin’, Scooby-Doo & Smackdown enthusiast who has three nipples, used to wear swimming shirts and has a history of accidentally spitting game to more than one