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Ten Question Tuesday: Southeast’s Sydney Tobias

  Southeast’s Sydney Tobias may be a jock in the pool but she’s a dork everywhere else. The Wonder Woman wanna-be takes a break before City Swim to bust out a Beauty and the

Ten Question Tuesday: Athens’ Noah Tisdale

  Athens’ tight end Noah Tisdale is a truck-lovin’, Scooby-Doo & Smackdown enthusiast who has three nipples, used to wear swimming shirts and has a history of accidentally spitting game to more than one

Ten Question Tuesday: Rochester Sean Brewer

  You know how we know Rochester’s Sean Brewer is ACTUALLY Irish? When we challenged him on it, he threatened to fight us. He uses “Beard Butter” to help carefully craft his luscious beard,

Ten Question Tuesday: Jubbar Cross

  Glenwood senior football star Jubbar Cross has had a huge smile on his face since the day he scored his first touchdown…or maybe it was from his first kiss. You can find him

Ten Question Tuesday: Taylorville’s Joe Fallin

  Taylorville’s Joe Fallin has a 24 pound head, but four of that is locked up in his mustache which is “3 pounds love, one pound sheriff.” He’s the biggest dude we’ve ever seen

Ten Question Tuesday: Gretchen Madonia

  Her teammates begged us for a Twenty Question Tuesday for SHG senior Gretchen Madonia and we certainly thought about it after hearing her stories. Gretchen cries at least once a day, hates her

Ten Question Tuesday: Justice Ferrier

  Williamsville senior quarterback Justice Ferrier is a former BMX expert, former cheerleader and he even made a couple sweet skater videos on youtube that he hopes will one day make him famous. Ferrier has

Ten Question Tuesday: Jillian Yakel

  We kick off a new season of Ten Question Tuesday with Pleasant Plains’ Jillian Yakel. She’s got a bit of an egg-face and her friends call her “camel” but who really cares when

Best of Ten Question Tuesday: 2016-2017

Looking back at Ten Question Tuesday's best from the 2016-2017 school year, we took the best questions from the nine most watched TQT's and put them together for your viewing pleasure. Watch, laugh, enjoy

Ten Question Tuesday: Ali Bortmess

  We’re back out in Rochester for another Ten Question Tuesday and the topic of how chaw are you comes up again. Ali Bortmess tells us about her sports injuries, her fashion trends that

Ten Question Tuesday: Macy Vorreyer

  SHG’s Macy Vorreyer tells us a hilarious, but gross story from first grade that made her realize she was a soccer player. Unfortunately, her pinky is permanently damaged from a basketball injury. She once

Ten Question Tuesday: Julia Meadows

  Rochester senior Julia Meadows tries to convince us that she’s just a little country and not full on “chaw”, but multiple questions in her Ten Question Tuesday prove otherwise, like how she goes

Ten Question Tuesday: Kahlil Wassell

  New Berlin senior sprinter Kahlil Wassell is headed to Harvard to run in the fall, but we find out that being a Division I track athlete doesn’t make you good at other sports.

Ten Question Tuesday: Lauren Feagans

  Pleasant Plains’ Lauren Feagans is one tough girl. She keeps it ???? all day everyday and she’s not afraid to tell you what’s up. That might explain why she’s had a few boys in