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All Access: Lanphier Cheer Preparing For City 2016

[jwplatform j35Qcgxj-fO6ZMgVT] Lanphier cheer let us inside a practice as they prepare for City 2016 and we found out what a couple cheerleaders thought about transferring from Southeast to the North Side, who's got

Put It On The Board: Meagan McNicholas & Aubrey Magro

[jwplatform EUmtiwfi-fO6ZMgVT] In the first installment of "Put It On The Board" we found out the good and the bad about Rochester. You might want to think twice about taking a ride in Merg's car

Dave Bates: Mic’d Up 2A State Title Game

[jwplatform MwAAY03d-fO6ZMgVT] Auburn's state championship trip may not have gone as they'd hoped, but we were still able to capture that "first ever" experience through the eyes, and voice of Dave Bates who wore

All Access: Auburn Semifinal Locker Room Celebration

[jwplatform ZUcpjcLs-fO6ZMgVT] With Auburn's 22-6 victory over Nashville, the Trojans advanced to the 2A state final for the first time in school history. The Trojans had plenty to celebrate about in the locker room

All-Access: Interns Take Us Inside Their Day

[jwplatform 0TF8iKub-fO6ZMgVT] After a weekend of major football upsets, we needed some comic relief and the boys from Pleasant Plains delivered. Serving as interns for the first time for, Nik Clemens and Cole

All-Access: Mateer and Odam Talk 12 Win Tornadoes

[jwplatform oyS80nP2-fO6ZMgVT] The Taylorville Tornadoes are 11-0 for the first time in school history but defensive coordinator Lee Mateer and head coach Jeb Odam made sure their team knew they weren't content with just

All Access: Shane Owsley, One Last Time

[jwplatform thD9py0g-fO6ZMgVT] North Mac head Coach Shane Owsley addressed his team one final time after Saturday's Round 2 loss to Tolono Unity in the 3A playoffs. cameras caught it on film. 

Dave Bates Turns Up In Locker Room Celebration

[jwplatform 0j6WYwC5-fO6ZMgVT] Auburn coach, Dave Bates usually stays pretty low key, but following Auburn's win vs. New Berlin, Bates went wild in a truly epic locker room celebration with his team.   

We’re Still Alive! All Access With Athens HC Ryan Knox

[jwplatform IwlvpdSA-fO6ZMgVT] Athens Head Coach Ryan Knox and his Warriors breathed a sigh of relief after beating Williamsville on Friday night, keeping hopes of a post season berth alive. cameras were there as

All-Access: North Mac Cheerleader Cam

[jwplatform 0iqVjDuR-fO6ZMgVT] The North Mac football team is undefeated at 6-0 but what about their cheerleaders? We decided to give the girls some love and hand them a camera for Friday night against Athens.