Auburn Girls Continue to Dominate as Porta Boys Pick Up Win


The Auburn girls picked up another team win today as they hosted Porta and Riverton. Senior Emma West takes first with a time of 20:01 as the Trojans take the top five. Porta boys get the team win by one point over Riverton who had Isaac Crumrine take first with a time of 16:51.



A Emma West 20:01

A Rylee Chelbian 20:19

A Katie Pace 20:44

A Alexa Maher 20:48

A Karmyn Flesch 21:00


Auburn 15

Porta 40



R Isaac Crumrine 16:51

R Kaleb Rutter 17:08

P Haven Gronewold 17:47

P Parker Fox 17:55

R Isaac Gaddis 18:08


Porta 39

Riverton 40

Auburn 45

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