Sam Sweetland

Ten Question Tuesday: SHG’s Grant Edwards

  Whether it was his blue goo, 12 gallons of milk or 120 eggs in a week, Grant Edwards was fueled up for his Ten Question Tuesday. The SHG shot put thrower tells us

High School Fantasy Football: Playoffs Round Two

  Jared dominated week one of the playoffs, but there is a new catch headed into week two. The playoffs are all about survival and that is the new theme as DP, Jay Philly,

High School Fantasy Football: Week Nine 2018

  Jay Philly finally won a week! He turned in a good one with 194.3 points, but it doesn’t look like that will be enough to vault him into the conversation as JT tallied

High School Fantasy Football: Week Four 2018

  DP finally got his first win and gained some ground on JP, but JT is still controlling the leaderboards with a second place finish. Week three had some of the highest individual scores

High School Fantasy Football: Week Three 2018

  JT had another monster week, DP falls into third place and Jay Philly makes up some ground. Week Two had some big surprises, see which players had a big week and who got