Walker And Bates Finish In First, Lead Bullets To Team Wins


Athens, Williamsville and North Mac meet out in Girard Monday after they got rained out on Saturday. The Bullets would continue to dominate as they finished with 4 of the top 5 girls and the top 5 boys to give them the team wins. Katherine Walker and Nolan Bates finished first in their races.


W Katherine Walker 20:00

W Riley Mendenhall 20:35

W Marisa Jeffers 21:08

W Emma Good 21:39

A Riley Womble 22:04


Williamville 17

Athens 52

North Mac 72



W Nolan Bates 17:02.15

W Danny Giacomini 17:02.97

W Drew Mirable 17:18

W Avery Glasgow 17:23

W Cody Szafranski 17:32


Williamsville 15

North Mac 77

Athens 100

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