PORTA Girls, South County Boys Win PORTA Cross Country Quad

Here are the official result from the Quad Cross Country meet hosted by PORTA this afternoon.

Due to high heat we had to shorten our course to 2 miles instead of the usual 3, but still ran the meet as who knows how long this season will make it.

Races were still very competitive though, and featured passes in the final 200 meets for the lead and win. 

Top three girls were Freshmen Caroline Peters from South County at 15:33, Freshmen Lauren Harrison from PORTA at 15:40, and Senior Jenna Kesselring from PORTA at 15:58.

Boys top three was Senior Zack Fales of Springfield Lutheran at 11:01, 2nd was Jake Gutzman from Franklin at 11:04, and Freshmen Haven Gronewold of PORTA at 11:06.

PORTA was the girls team winner, and Franklin/South County was the boys team winner.