Favorite Part Of Coaching: Quarantine Question Number Four


At the beginning of April, we started Quarantine Questions as a way to check in on local athletes during the Shelter in Place. After nine rounds and over 100 student athletes, we’re at Round Ten this week so we decide to give you a special edition and get some coaches involved. Each day throughout the week will be a different question and we end it on Friday with Words of Encouragement.

Monday’s Question:What three celebrities would you want to be stuck in quarantine with for a week? (past or present) 

Tuesday’s Question: What’s the best thing you’ve watched during quarantine and why?

Wednesday’s Question: Who is your school’s rival in your sport and why?

Today’s Question: What’s your favorite part about coaching?

If you are a coach of one of our coverage area schools and are interested in answering next week’s question, please email derek@channel1450.com and let him know! If you’d like to nominate your coach, shoot us a DM on twitter, facebook or instagram (but make sure they’re willing to participate first).