Williamsville Athens vs SHG Glenwood: Best Game Bracket Final Four

Welcome to the first annual #1450BestGameBracket. With no March Madness this season, we are giving you the best bracket we could come up with. We voted on the top 16 games from the 2019 football season and now we are looking for the best through your votes. Voting will begin on Thursday for the eight first round games. Voting will last 24 hours on Twitter, Facebook, and in our poll below. The votes will be combined and the second round will begin on Friday afternoon. The Final Four will start on Saturday afternoon and Sunday we’ll start the last round of voting between the two games left to determine the winner by Monday evening.

Final Four:




Go make sure your vote counts on Twitter and Facebook as well as below!



Voting ends at 11 a.m. on Sunday

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