August Sports Mom of the Month: Springfield High’s Ann Boucher

Congratulations to our seventh Mike Williams Sports Mom of the Month for the 2019 season! Springfield High’s Ann Boucher has won the Sports Mom of the Month for August! Be sure to come back every month to see who won.

If you want to nominate a sports mom for this honor, you can do so HERE!

Who are your kids and what sports do they play/played at what school? 
Name: Nicholas Boucher (20y)
Sports: Football (SYF & SHS), Track (LMS & SHS)
Name: Steven Boucher (17y) – Sr at SHS
Sports: Football (SYF & SHS), Track (LMS & SHS), Basketball (LMS)
Name: Alexander Boucher (14y) – Fr at SHS
Sports: Football (SYF & SHS), Baseball (SSBA), Track (LMS)
Favorite Mothers Day Gift: Steven woke up very early, and planted 2 flower beds which I had laid out and planned to plant that day.
Best Way To Be Pampered: A day without household chores.
Favorite Meal: Plate of Great Sushi
Hidden Talent: Making Braided Fleece Blankets
Favorite Movie: Lucy
Dream Vacation: Alaskan Cruise and Tour of Ireland/Scotland/Wales
Best song to rock out with in a car full of kids: Uptown Funk