Deron Powell’s CS8 Hoops “Christmas Wish List”


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Instead of the usual Power Rankings, we decided to dive a little bit deeper into the CS8 during the holiday season. Since most games were postponed due to weather, there weren’t any changes from last week’s rankings so this week we give you the “One Thing Each Team Needs From Santa” list for the CS8 basketball teams.
Southeast – “A Sprinkle of Swag” – The Spartans play tough defense, have a treasure chest full of options to score the basketball and have a ton of experience. If we could have Santa bring the East Side boys one thing…it’s a sprinkle of swag in their stockings. They throw down dunks all day so celebrate it. We know it’s not in LT’s DNA to show emotion, but this is just a Christmas wish list.

Lanphier – “Santa’s Helper Inside” – So far this season, Yaak and Dre have carried the load. Cardell continues to show flashes, but in order to make a deep run, the Lions need consistent scoring inside. Big Will & Karl Wright have a few of the pieces but need to be a reliable option in crunch time. If Santa can show Big Will & Karl some “Good Boogie Cousins” video, the Lions would be lethal.

Lincoln – “A White Elephant Switch” – Lincoln is a team that we think could compete for a CS8 crown this season and they’re loaded with underclassmen including junior Isaiah Bowers. Is there any way we can keep the Railers in the CS8? Can we take back the decision to send the Railersplitters to the Apollo like you take away that white elephant gift that your cousin keeps snagging away from you? Those long trips in last week’s weather won’t be any fun. Plus, who’s going to give the next Hayden “Sunburn” a #TQT when they leave?

Eisenhower – “A Christmas Inspector Jacques Clouseau” – Eisenhower coach Rodney Walker recently commented on his team’s hot and cold style, referring to the latter as the Eisenhower Pink Panthers. We’ve seen the “good” Eisenhower Panthers play against Springfield High and we’ve seen the Pink Panthers play against Lanphier. If Inspector Clouseau can root out the Pink Panthers and keep them at bay, Ike can still play a role in determining who wins a conference title. And if you don’t get the reference, ask your parents, or you know, google it.

MacArthur – “A Feliz Navidad Nurse” – The Brummett Brothers make the Generals a player in every game, no matter what. So far this season, health issues have kept us from seeing the Generals’ full potential with Amir and Armon on the floor together. If Santa can bring MacArthur a Christmas nurse that makes all of their injuries disappear, we’d love to see what the Generals can do.

SHG – “A Silent Night” – SHG has shown the ability to beat the teams they need to. The Cyclones need Santa to bring them a night where win a game they probably shouldn’t against a team in the top tier. A night like that would silence the doubters who don’t think this team can be a legit threat night in and night out in the CS8. It would also make Kyle Krager as happy as Kris Kringle eating the sugar cookies your mom left out.

Jacksonville – “Good Guard Elves” – The Crimsons have the size, the scoring, an excellent coach, and they have experience but Santa needs to drop off a few of his elves to help handle the rock. Jacksonville has struggled with full court pressure all year and in order to get Brady Hays and Brandon McCombs the chance to open their presents, someone has to get them under the tree.

Springfield High – “Consistency Candy Canes” – Guys like Trevor Minder, Zaire Harris, Rahkeem Hawkins and Caleb Small have shown their athletic talents on the hardwood. If Santa can throw a few consistency candy canes in their stockings so they bring the same sort of enthusiasm and effort every night, the Senators would be great. Toss a few candy canes to the entire program so the Solons can know what to expect every season without wondering who their coach will be and Springfield will make City basketball a lot more fun in the future.

Glenwood – “A Trip Down Memory Lane” – If Santa can pull out the photo albums from the past few years and show the Titans what Todd Blakeman has made his mark doing, then Glenwood can get back to the top. Talent wise, the Titans haven’t always had the best in the conference but dominating defense and smart decisions on offense made them a player in the past. If Santa can show the Chatham kids what guys like Cole Harper and Peyton Allen bought into, the future will be fine for the Titans.

Rochester – “Videos of Vintage Kobe For Cstall” – The Rockets have one of the best players in the CS8 on their team. The other pieces around him aren’t exactly built for basketball at a football school. If Stallworth can find some Mamba blood in him that forces him to have the sort of mentality that no one can stop him, he’ll get 25 shots a game and hopefully five of them will be attempted dunks. Who doesn’t want to see that highlight on Christmas morning?