Prime Time Performers: September 12th – 17th


Here are this week’s candidates for Prime Time Performer.

You can vote once every 12 hours until the polls close on Friday at 5 p.m.

Klay Wood (Jacksonville Running Back) Some leaders mean more to their team than being one of just eleven guys on the field at a time. Klay Wood is definitely the heart of the Crimsons. He scored three times on the ground in the first half against MacArthur in a game they needed to stay alive in the playoff hunt.

Danny McCloud (New Berlin Running Back) New Berlin knew they were going to be inexperience this season but guys like Danny McCloud have put the Pretzels on their backs. McCloud scored his teams’ first two touchdowns on their way to a big win to move the Pretzels back to .500 on the season.

SHG Offensive Line – Size-wise Glenwood is the biggest school the Cyclones will see in the regular season. Tremayne Lee was the star of show, but it’s the behind the scenes guys that are going to get their due in this week’s Prime Time Performer. SHG rushed for a total of 466 yards against the Titans thanks to Brad Goldasich, Barrett Kraft, Jack Clemente, Alex Mauntel and John Burgett, the SHG starters on Friday. Lee’s five first half touchdowns wouldn’t have been possible without these boys.

Avante’ Cox (Rochester Wide Receiver) Before you say anything about how it was against Lincoln, just listen. Just about everyone knew the Rockets were going to win the game on Friday but Avante’ still deserves some PTP love. He only had three catches against the Railsplitters and he scored twice, racking up 130 yards. That’s making the most of your touches.

Hunter Maxwell (Athens Running Back) The toughest test of the Warriors season took place on Friday and they passed. Senior running back and linebacker Hunter Maxwell was a beast on both sides of the ball, rushing for over 200 yards and three of their four touchdowns. This kid is playing all-state caliber football this season, so take note.

Lucas Rockford (Springfield High Quarterback) It was time for the Senators to put up or shut up. Their junior quarterback could have easily stopped taking shots downfield after being intercepted twice. Instead, when the Senators were looking to increase their two point lead in the third quarter, Rockford stepped up in the pocket and made a tough throw that set up a touchdown. Ten seconds of game clock later, Rockford threw up a 33 yard touchdown to Cam Jones to put the game out of reach. Springfield High has their guy at QB for the next two years.

Steven Albers (Jacksonville Forward) A record that stood for 12 years fell last Thursday afternoon. About 80 minutes later, Steven Albers added to that record with a game winner in the final minute of the game. Albers scored his 52nd career goal passing Noah Suter’s school record set in 2004 in the sixth minute of action. He then scored his 53rd to push Jacksonville past Alton Marquette for a 3-2 victory.

Vaughn Toyne (PORTA Quarterback) Ever since they made it to the 3A quarterfinals in 2013, the Bluejays have won just one football game. They added to that total on Friday night on the road against Riverton. Vaughn Toyne took over the quarterback role and delievered four touchdowns, one rushing and three passing for a Bluejays victory.

North Mac Offensive Line – The three headed monster that North Mac has in the backfield with Kendall Bearden, Griffin Hatalla and Asa Donaldson rushed for 413 yards and 3 tds in their biggest game of the season to this point. None of that could be done without the offensive line made up of Will Christopher, Lucas Britenstine, Justin Lair, Michael Cox, and Austin Hamilton. We know North Mac nation will give them the love they deserve.

Reid Taylor (SHG Golf) Not too often that a freshman finds his way onto the Prime Time Performer list but Taylor earned it. The SHG golfer won the City title by five strokes, shooting a three over in the three day tournament. In his final round on Thursday at Panther Creek, Taylor tallied a two over 38. Best part, the Cyclones get him for three more years.


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