Holiday Tournament Schedules and Brackets

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SHS setter Mady McCarty is the self proclaimed "Selfie-Queen" with Beyonce like poses, but Taylor Swift like moves. It's Ten Question Tuesday. And it's back for a brand new season!
The SHG duo get the votes, but 300 in a minute???  Because of some questionable numbers, Glenwood's Madison Volpert gets an Antonio's gift certificate too.
A championship week version of the Plays of the Week featuring SHG baseball and Glenwood softball.  Neither team disappointed when it came down to heroics.
We wrap up the school year with a couple of Big Flies, a couple of defensive dandies, and Ben McElwee's infamous butterfly curveball.  They're all rather nasty
We kick off a new season of Say What!? with talk of short shorts, half shirts and bucket hats. It's the best soundbytes from our Pigskin Previews and more!