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Truck Yeah!!!  The Pleasant Plains high jumper is all about her not manly, but also not girly pickup, denies ever "sneaking" into her house, and is really good at geometry as long as it involves squares & triangles only. 
Regular seasons are wrapping up and we're witnessing some of the best performances we've seen all spring! See the best of the best from last week and VOTE here!
Playoffs usually bring the best out of athletes and this week's POTW shows exactly that. Check out Laryn Sapetti setting a new school record in the pole vault, Plains' Jake Wayda wining three individual events at county and Glenwood's Brendan Hostettler sacrificing the body for a diving catch. 

We've got bombs with bros celebrating them, goalies tackling 'would be goal scoreres' and because this is Big Nasty, we've got Pleasant Plains' Ali Pankey, losing her lunch, after winning a race at County. 

The ladies were on their game last week.  Rochester's Merg McNicholas is back to being soooo happy,  The Williamsville & Rochester soccer girls hijack our cameras, while Southeast track shows us (And Baylee Smith) how to put on a post game show.