"Holiday Tournament Schedules and Brackets"
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The Auburn junior wrestler made up a song about himself, figures either two, five, or eight bowling balls are equal to his body weight, and races home to watch episode of the George Lopez Show... which he's recorded on something high def... we think.
City Tourney, Non-City Tourney, Girls County Tourney, and amazingly enough, we've even got nominees that WEREN'T playing in tournaments last week!
We got dunks, we got buzzer-beaters, we got wrestling, we got it ALL! Watch Morgan Heckman send Riverton to the County Championship, Ryan Roscetti hit a game-winner against Athens and the high-flying Kamari Jones throwing down an alley-oop in this week's POTW!
So much hoop last week, we ended up with over 2 1/2 minutes worth of dunks, blocks, and even a tackle! I mean, it was City Tournament, you've got to expect that right?
We've got former coaches, current coaches, stat keepers, cheerleaders, a girlfriend of a dude that can't pump his own gas and more in this week's Say What?!?!