Holiday Tournament Schedules and Brackets

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Prime Time Performer: Oct 20th - 25th
  Austin Bell(Rochester Soc)
  PORTA Girls XC(Team)
  Courtney Pence(SHS VB)
  Chelby Harden & Shelby Thornton(Pawnee VB)
  Annah Carney(SHS Swim)
  Pleasant Plains Defense(Unit)
  Alyssa Miller(Southeast K)
  Josh Talley(Glenwood RB)
  Joe Brannan(Jacksonville QB)
  North Mac OLine(Unit)
  Detric Mitchell(Lanphier RB/WR)
  Sam Sergent & Anthony Dinello(SHG RBs)
Top Features
The Rochester All-Stater talks about his capri pants, his idea for "No-Lens" Friday (which failed miserably), and tends to cry when watching the movie 8 Below in this week's TQT
We hit the fall playoff season at full speed and we've got some incredible PTP worthy performances to accompany us. Check them here!
MacArthur didn't get the memo not to punt the ball to BJ Hill, Courtney Pence becomes the first Senator to reach 1,500 kills, and a game winning extra point sending Southeast to the playoffs tops this week's Plays of the Week.  
We mix it up this week.  Yes, we still have the big hits, but we break away from it with some serious spikeage and a little fancy footwork
We've got tears and jeers and we still have no idea what "MSM" in the MSM Conference stands for after this week's Say Whaaat!?