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The Springfield sprinter believes in psychic ability, or at least she did when the interview started, tells her identical twin that she's ugly.  Yes, I said identical.  And is all in all what you'd call "a little bit of a diva".  It's this week's TQT
It's the longest list of Prime Time Performer candidates that we've had yet this spring. That means a LOT of good options for you to choose from!
Two walk-offs, a diving catch in the outfield, a diving catch in foul territory plus an off the glass reverse alley-oop from Obediah Church. Yep, this week's Plays of the Week may very well be the best yet. 
We've waited for SOOOOOO long to see a Gavin Block dunk. So when we finally caught a throw down from him this weekend, we kicked that bad boy into slow-mo and set it to the smooth stylings of Etta James' "At Last." It was a work of art. At least Gavin's mom sure seemed to think so... 
We shot three Plains' baseball games, so you know Dave Greer gave us plenty of material, but there's more.  Williamsville's Kaylee Burton throws Boes under the bus, and Gavin Block gives his "On a Silver Platter" Dunk a 12.