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Lutheran High's Steven Cowles thinks his "finesse game" with the ladies is at an 11. We found out its far from that, especially considering he'll let one rip in public. The Donald Trump super fan tells us the interesting story behind his one of a kind hairdo and does his best Bieber impression.
Hockey, wrestling, swimming and boys and girls hoops. Plenty nominated for the Antonio's Pizza Prime Time Performer. The winner at the end of the week gets $20 for Antonio's Pizza!
This weeks top five plays features a wrestler getting some revenge, another half court buzzer beater, a behind the back pass on the ice, a crazy finish at the rim and arguably the most ferocious dunk we've seen this year. 

TWO! The number of times Matt Watson break's ankles this week. ONE! The number of dunks that Matt Wendling and Brandon McCombs provided. NONE! The number of dunks from Devin Richardson... despite ONE attempt. 

Yaakema Rose's laugh takes a predominant role in this week's Say What!? as we ask Matt Watson what's up with his white pants, Austin Finley how he treated his little brother for stealing his fame and we finally get Slushie on camera!