High School Half Hour

HSHH: September 21

Kerker, DP and Jay Philly get into the CS8 volleyball slate and what the girls city championship means on Thursday evening. They also make their Week 5 high school fantasy football picks.

HSHH: September 14th

  We welcome in Jared Phillips to the channel1450.com team, fresh off his road trip from Philadelphia. Get to know the new guy and then listen as Kerker & DP draft their Week 4

HSHH: September 7th

Kerker and DP talk about the weather…great stuff, we know. Breaking down football weather this early in the season and what that could mean for state championship weekend in Dekalb. They also make their

HSHH: August 31st

Kerker & DP give you a Bryan Boes update before diving into the CS8 soccer slate and how they see it early in the season. We also talk a little volleyball, both CS8 and

HSHH: August 24th

  Kerker & DP set the landscape for Normal U-High entering the conference and how it could effect a lot of different sports. With the loss of Chase to a new job, Kerker &

High School Half Hour: August 3

High School Half Hour: July 27th

Kerker, DP and Chase Senior start to talk about the high school football landscape and they review the best Ten Question Tuesday’s of the 2016-17 season!

High School Half Hour: July 20

    Kerker and DP dive into the Play of the Year during the High School Half Hour.

High School Half Hour: July 13th

Kerker and DP chat with SHS football head coach Roy Gully about the state of the Senator football program after a 2016 season where they flirted with success, but just couldn’t quite obtain it.

High School Half Hour: July 6

High School Half Hour: June 22nd

Kerker, Derek and Chase preview Friday’s Do Or Die Bowl game, an all-star football game featuring the best players in the Springfield area competing with the best players in the Quincy area. The game

High School Half Hour: June 15 2017

HSHH June 8

High School Half Hour: June 1

High School Half Hour: May 25th