High School Half Hour

HSHH: January 18th

    Kerker, DP & Jay Philly talk about City, about City and then talk a little bit more about City. They also discuss Glenwood/Lanphier wrestling on tap for tonight and then talk more

HSHH: January 11

  Darrell Lynch drops by for the HSHH to talk about scholarships from Country Financial and the iPads he gave away. Kerker, DP and Jay Philly also talk about the Sangamon County semifinals and

HSHH: January 4

Kerker, DP & Jay Philly address the recent coverage criticism with wrestling & hockey and talk about the blow back from the Power Rankings released on the Pressbox last night from Lanphier and Southeast.

HSHH: December 21

  Kerker, DP and Intern Leanna welcome in Darrell Lynch and his kids Izzy and Griffin to give away an iPad courtesy of Darrell Lynch Country Financial and the seven year steals the show

HSHH: December 14

Kerker was out on Thursday morning so Jay Philly and DP run the show. They talk about the slate of games coming up this weekend, which ones are must see and then get into

HSHH: December 7

  Kerker, DP and Jay Philly break down the wrestling landscape for the upcoming season, talk about the top Sangamo and CS8 teams and look ahead to Friday night’s games and which ones you

Darrell Lynch High School Half Hour: Nov. 30th

HSHH: November 16

Kerker and DP talk about the weather for Saturday’s slate of semifinal games, get an outlook from Joe Crain and discuss foot warmers. The guys talk about Joel Embiid’s big night and set the

HSHH: November 9

Kerker compares Jay Philly to a character from Robin Hood: Men in Tights and then the guys talk about the upcoming quarterfinal games and which hype pieces are headed to the website. In the

HSHH: November 2

  Volleyball and soccer come to an end this week, so the guys talk about SHG and Plains losing on Wednesday night and Glenwood soccer on Tuesday. They get into the big games this

HSHH: October 26th

Kerker, DP and Jay Philly talk about the playoff matchups and how being a homer with the picks isn’t always a smart move in Round 1. They also give you the rundown on all

HSHH: October 19th

Kerker, DP and Jay Philly talk about the Cubs vs. Dodgers in Game Four and Kerker continues his quest to Automate the K Zone for major league baseball. Finally, Kerker tries to make up

HSHH: October 12th

Jay Philly gets a music lesson about Hanson after Kerker was left with the baby so his wife could go see the brothers in concert. DP & Kerker also make their Week 8 fantasy

HSHH: October 5th

Kerker and DP talk with Jay Philly about his late night work habits and then talk a little bit more about Leonard Bowl VIII before they get into Week 7 of the high school

HSHH: September 28th

Kerker, DP and Jared discuss the Cubs win over the Cards on Wednesday evening and the looming playoff matchup with the Nationals. DP & Kerker make their Week 6 draft picks for the high