Emma Jiroutek

Instant Reaction: Rochester Talks Volleyball Regional Title

  We spoke with Rochester head coach Kallie Sinkus and senior Emma Jiroutek about the Rockets regional championship win over Glenwood in the 3A Jacksonville regional on Thursday night. People-Tag: Emma Jiroutek, Kallie Sinkus

Cyclones Soar Over Rockets In Two Set Sweep

  Morgan and Megan Rahn still have another year to play in the SHG vs Rochester rivalry. The Cyclone juniors dominated the 2019 CS8 edition at Belz gym on Tuesday night to give SHG

Rockets Display All Options In Sweep Of Southeast

  Grace Petty, Tatum Outlaw, Mary Gegen, Emma Jiroutek…the list goes on and on for options that Rochester can feed to pick up points. The Rockets swept Southeast 25-6, 25-11 on Tuesday night to