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Ten Question Tuesday: Southeast’s David Emuze

  Southeast’s newest Track & Field star David Emuze had four first place medals last Friday! But we (Jay Philly) didn’t catch them… So David’s getting the #TQT treatment. We learn about David’s many

Ten Question Tuesday: Rochester’s Aly Crum

  Have you ever wondered what an angry cow sounds like? Rochester’s Aly Crum explains in her Ten Question Tuesday. She also tells us how her brother, her mom and even her boyfriend push

Ten Question Tuesday: Williamsville’s Lilly Doneghue

  Williamsville’s Lilly Doneghue shows off her many talents in this week’s Ten Question Tuesday. From her skills as a musician (multi-instrumentalist) to being able to put her foot over her head (without tearing

Ten Question Tuesday: Springfield’s Sarah Wagner

  Springfield’s Sarah Wagner monkey-rolls her way into this week’s Ten Question Tuesday. We learn what an ostrich sounds like (supposedly), how to hard boil an egg (!!!), what happens when you microwave your

Ten Question Tuesday: Rochester’s Jayden Reed

  We catch up with the guy who was doing the ‘Fortnite’ dance before it was cool. Jayden Reed dishes the dirt on how chaw he is, his less-than-stellar dating record, and the unfortunate

Ten Question Tuesday: Glenwood’s Carolyn Franke

  Yeaaahhhhh boyyyyy….if you hear this on the softball field, it’s probably from Glenwood’s Carolyn Franke this year. The Titans power hitter tells us about her love for Bob Evans, Aeropostale and the sweet

Ten Question Tuesday: Southeast’s Robert Hayes

  Southeast’s Robert Hayes admits that he’s got dad game on the basketball court. When he’s not sitting on opponents, he’s dropping passes, proving that he’s a kicker and not a wide receiver for

Ten Question Tuesday: Lanphier’s Cardell McGee

  Lanphier basketball star Cardell McGee makes a bold claim about playing football in his Ten Question Tuesday. He talks about his glory days on the gridiron and playing hoop with the Brummett twins

Ten Question Tuesday: Athens’ Drayton Davis

  Athens’ star running back, safety and basketball player learned quickly in his high school career where he should and shouldn’t apply icy hot. Drayton Davis lets us know how many Big Nasty t-shirts

Ten Question Tuesday: Riverton’s Noah Foreman

  Fresh off the last season of Shameless, Lip Gallagher makes an appearance on this week’s Ten Question Tuesday. Riverton senior wrestler Noah Foreman bears a striking resemblance to the actor and tells us

Ten Question Tuesday: PORTA’s Trey Hild

  Trey Hild is one of the toughest guys we know, but it turns out, he’s not too tough to cry. We figured out exactly what brings the water works for this three-time state