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Ten Question Tuesday: Alexis and Lunden Henry

[jwplatform 3KSZ6FR3-iY4fWqge] Southeast seniors Alexis and Lunden, better known as "The Twins," join us for Ten Question Tuesday to debate who looks and sounds more like Beyonce, who's set their hair on fire more

Ten Question Tuesday: Aron Hopp

[jwplatform YBlpf4M6-iY4fWqge] Lincoln's Aron Hopp isn't scared of Coach Al's scowl, so he claims. He's still got the voicemail message he left on his phone when he was 11 because his mom won't let

Ten Question Tuesday: Matt Wendling

[jwplatform 9nG5bbEE-iY4fWqge] Athens' "Mitts" Wendling palms random things for us, does a wretched Sam Smith impersonation and explains when it's ok to block your own teammate's shot. He also tries to look "precisely" like

Ten Question Tuesday: Catie Costa

[jwplatform 5Gjid0bC-iY4fWqge] SHG's Catie Costa is a professional laundry basket stair surfer but she's not sure if she likes SHG's mostaccioli. She has a blanket named "Him-Him," she's late 85% of the time and

Ten Question Tuesday: Daulton Nibbe

[jwplatform fpYJz9fG-iY4fWqge] Plains' Daulton Nibbe is a gangster. There's the Fro Gang, the Jeep Gang… That makes him a gang leader who loves Pitch Perfect, High School Musical and apparently, the freshmen. Plus, we

Ten Question Tuesday: Sydney Landers

[jwplatform YfZ9TH3n-iY4fWqge] Auburn linebacker Sydney Landers is an 11 on a scale of 10 when it comes to his patriotism. We give him a title game manicure, knock out some basic algebraic equations regarding Dave

Ten Question Tuesday: Caitlin Tierney

[jwplatform Jy8VrpBW-iY4fWqge] Springfield High junior swimmer Caitlin Tierney has no idea which way is north, she loves the new Acapella App (it doesn't really love her back) and she has multiple emoji look alikes!

Ten Question Tuesday: Dan Zeigler

[jwplatform gRIevJ87-iY4fWqge] Rochester's quarterback Dan Zeigler is a lot better at throwing passes than he is at catching them. You'll probably find him cuddled up in bed next to teammates before games, and don't

Ten Question Tuesday: Jimmy Barry

  Taylorville’s Jimmy Barry loves the south and everything about it. Well, almost everything. You may see him strutting around town with his LL Bean boots strapped up, his Donald Trump T-shirt on and

Ten Question Tuesday: Drew Points

[jwplatform g1dZOysW-iY4fWqge] Drew Points' loses cool points at an alarming rate this week as we discover how often he uses terms like "YOLO" and "Baller." He challenges his father to a foot race, defends

Ten Question Tuesday: Austin Finley

[jwplatform UcOcrlyv-iY4fWqge] Austin Finley is a part Bieber wanna be, part recovering Goth. He WILL eat about anything for $20. He probably WON'T show up to work on day three and his "spin around,

Ten Question Tuesday: Kameron Corner

[jwplatform 2FH4GqfZ-iY4fWqge] He drives his mom's minivan to his job at Party City, but Kam Corner still insists he's "The Realest Light Skin In the Game." He doesn't have a good singing voice but he

Ten Question Tuesday: Abbey Galusha

[jwplatform 0s7ZwUGB-iY4fWqge] Williamsville's Abbey Galusha slams some "Go Juice," out-planks our guy Chase and explains to us the worst dating theory in the history of mankind on this week's Ten Question Tuesday!

Ten Question Tuesday: Emma Hopkins

[jwplatform BpZQ0Y9q-iY4fWqge] SHG's Emma Hopkins introduces us to speed bumping. We find out she's "all legs" when she dances, and she delivers one of the grossest replies to a TQT that we've ever had.

Ten Question Tuesday: Logan Willard

[jwplatform ITOqcDyg-iY4fWqge] Springfield High's Logan Willard may be a great goal scorer, but he's awful in the net. He's also a creepy cat guy who has trouble bench pressing the bar the minute you