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Plays Of The Week: November 16th

[jwplatform f0GB9eA4-seVh35fV] Football season is winding down, but that didn't limit the number of splash plays we had this week. Players turned in some memorable performances in the quarterfinals. It's POTW! 

Plays Of The Week: November 9th

[jwplatform rX2uFrGJ-seVh35fV] A record breaking performance from a usual suspect, a dominant outing from a man amongst boys, a touchdown catch that left a defender grabbing for air and more. It's POTW! 

Plays Of The Week: November 2nd

[jwplatform Ex2HHPid-seVh35fV] Tip: If the field is so muddy that you can't make a cut, just plow over people. Also, a sophomore tailback cuts on dimes en route to the house and a soccer

Plays Of The Week: October 26th

[jwplatform LKE6gcKm-seVh35fV] Big time players make big time plays. Touchdown's in the games final stages on both sides of the ball, a spin-o-rama on the soccer pitch and Slammin' Sammy carries defenders on his

Plays Of The Week: October 19th

[jwplatform 6k2eUdq9-seVh35fV] Another jampacked POTW! Full extension grabs, a quarterback's hurdling over a defender, a nail in the coffin touchdown, a two-point conversion for the win and North Mac's pinball running back!

Plays Of The Week: October 13th

[jwplatform 2DBP083O-seVh35fV] Two players score four touchdowns, a cornerback makes a ridiculous interception in the endzone, one former CS8 receiver makes a dazzling grab, while a soccer star scores a clutch goal. It's POTW!!

Plays Of The Week: October 5th

[jwplatform CiWanwRx-seVh35fV] We've got wide receivers truck sticking defenders, tipped up passes going for big gains, two former CS8 standouts making plays for the Illini and some garbage that turns into gold. It's POTW! 

Plays Of The Week: September 28th

[jwplatform E9M9Vk4X-seVh35fV] Late game heroics are the story this week. Kameron Corner saved Glenwood's season with an acrobatic interception and New Berlin sealed a win with a blocked field goal. That and plenty more

Plays of the Week: September 21th

[jwplatform On6ER9rQ-seVh35fV] Clayton Luker sinks a clutch birdie putt, Jordan Thousand takes a pick to the house, Reggie Dickerson hurdles a defender and two Sangamo games end in epic fashion! It's another jam packed

Plays of the Week: September 14th

[jwplatform 4z1RFfC1-seVh35fV] We have a "weeeeeee" bit of fun with this week's POTW. Drew Points goes 3-for-3, North Mac goes 3-0, Derek Jones goes Neon Deion and Eddie Gailes and Isaiah Timms go back

Plays of the Week: September 8th

[jwplatform c2GVU1uD-seVh35fV] We've got multiple plays from the masterpiece that was Plains vs. Auburn in Week 2, but we've got so much more than that. It's another loaded Plays of the Week!

Plays of the Week: August 31st

[jwplatform aobdxxb3-seVh35fV] Plays of the Week is back with a new look and a new sound but the one thing that hasn't changed is that this is the place where you can get the

Plays of the Week: June 15th

[jwplatform a8hmVezg-seVh35fV] SHG's Katie McLean and Kenzie Tress go back and forth to see who's got the best play of the final week of the 2014-15 school year. What say you?!

Plays of the Week: June 10th

[jwplatform Ip4BYDHh-seVh35fV.js] We're graced one last time by the likes of Parker Bandy and Kelly Graves, two of the best we've ever covered. But we've got the next best thing to fill their shoes, Vince

Plays Of The Week: June 2nd

[jwplatform PCPOQ10n-seVh35fV.js] 3 is for the number of goals Kelly Graves had in the sectional finals, 2 is for the number of barehanded plays Cole Hamilton made from third and one is for the number