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Big Nasty: March 5th

  For only shooting nine basketball games last week…we had no trouble filling Big Nasty with ankle breakers, dunks, blocks, Old Man Throwbacks and some bone crushing hits on the hardwood.

Big Nasty: February 26th

  When the importance of the games goes up, so too does the level of Big Nasty. Not only does every dunk and every swat get a greater reaction, but the fans… the fans!

Big Nasty: February 19th

  Make sure your parents watch Big Nasty this week because we had more than usual acting up in the stands. Dunks and blocks get meaner as the postseason picks up and we had

Big Nasty: February 12th

  We’re had an office debate about the dunks this week and whether or not it was the best week of dunks we’ve had this season. You know what that means… #BigNasty is HOT!

Big Nasty: February 5th

  What do we do when the fans turn their cameras on us?? STARING CONTEST! No shortage of dunks this week and there was as much tackling on the court as there was fans

Big Nasty: January 29th

  Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have an entire student section taunting you, only to drill a 3 in their eye and let them know it? Cardell McGee does. Check out

Big Nasty: January 15th

  The ladies join the Big Nasty party this week with some hard hits on the hardwood. The Brummett’s provide our weekly dunk quota (including a windmill) and we get more fans acting out

Big Nasty: January 8th

  The ice last week wasn’t the only reason ankles were breaking as we learn on Big Nasty. We have the usual Anthony Fairlee and Karl Wright portion to give you the dunk quota

Big Nasty: January 2nd (Holiday Tournament Edition)

  For being such a jolly time, the fans at holiday tournaments sure do good Grinch impressions! What happens when you cover 44 games in five days? You get some incredible dunks, some truly

Big Nasty: December 18th

  The colder it gets outside, the hotter those tempers get in the gyms! We’ve got the best of bad fans, two windmill dunks you won’t want to miss and a triple dose of

Big Nasty: December 11th

  Two weeks away from Christmas and we catch quite a few fans who might end up on the naughty list. Armon Brummett, Karl Wright, Charlie Hamilton and Anthony Fairlee all land on that

Big Nasty: December 4th

  We might have had more bloopers than we had dunks this week, but somehow it worked out for the better. It’s very possible that we found the best throwing arm on a cheerleader

Big Nasty: November 28

  What happens when you combine three state championship football games worth of hits along with dunks and blocks from all the turkey tournaments? You get a Big Nasty jammed packed full of action.

Big Nasty: November 20th

  What happens when you’ve got four teams playing on Semifinal Saturday? Plenty of thumpin’. This week’s #BigNasty does not disappoint! Enjoy your turkey and we’ll see you next week for our final football