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Big Nasty: November 20th

  What happens when you’ve got four teams playing on Semifinal Saturday? Plenty of thumpin’. This week’s #BigNasty does not disappoint! Enjoy your turkey and we’ll see you next week for our final football

Big Nasty: November 13th

  With only four football teams left, the choices for Big Nasty hits are getting slimmer. That certainly doesn’t mean the hits get worse though. Quarterfinal Saturday brought out the big boys who brought

Big Nasty: Nov. 6th

  A Boogie takes us through all of our Round Two Big Nasties and as you might expect, as the competition level goes up, so too does the nastiness!

Big Nasty: October 30

  Round 1 of the playoffs and the boys brought the wood. We had big hits all over the place, refs going down, refs yelling at fans and Cole Greer letting us know when

Big Nasty: October 23rd

  Did you see Joey Milbrandt’s hit on Friday night? If not, stop what you’re doing right now and watch Joey Milbrandt’s hit from Friday night… Oh, and the rest of this Big Nasty

Big Nasty: October 16th

  About a month ago we claimed to possibly have the best Big Nasty of the season. With postseason looming, we may have to re-think that claim with this week’s hard hitting segment that

Big Nasty: October 9th

  When Kendrick says “sit down,” he was talking to the victims of this week’s Big Nasty. And when he says “be humble” well, that message might have been lost on our group this

Big Nasty: October 2nd

  As we get deeper in the season, the hits keep coming even harder which is great for Big Nasty. Maroa-Forsyth and Athens filled it up as we expected them to, Rochester-MacArthur gave us

Big Nasty: Sep. 25th

  Have you seen this week’s #BigNasty? You could say it’s Litty again, Litty again.  

Big Nasty: September 18th

  Quarterbacks took a pounding this week. We caught a bunch of hits for Big Nasty thanks to some big games. We caught some soccer hits, cutbacks, crazy catches and the usual hard hits all

Big Nasty: September 11th

  We have a clear leader in the clubhouse for top Big Nasty of the season, and there’s a real chance this one stays at the top of the list for a while! Boys

Big Nasty: September 5

  We had way more than eight Big Nasties this week, but 21 Savage helps us show them off with Bank Account. MacArthur-SHG, Williamsville-Auburn and Glenwood-Rochester highlight a hard-hitting edition to kick off this

Big Nasty: August 28

  The gridiron sticks return! We’ve got all the crushing hits from week one of the football season. Even some of the soccer players showed out with some hits!

Big Nasty: Do Or Die Bowl

  The Do Or Die Bowl was a success. Here are the best hits, moves, celebrations and more from the East All Stars’ 24-6 win over the West.

Big Nasty: June 12

  Look out! Lyrboo is coming through! Our final Big Nasty of the year includes an outfield collision in which everybody survived. We bring you the best of the best from Rochester’s week at