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Big Nasty: May 14th

  You think a high pop fly is hard to catch, can you imagine how much harder it would be if you’ve got a teammate sliding in all crazy at your feet? We give

Big Nasty: May 7th

  Is there such thing as too many dingers? This week’s Big Nasty puts that to the test. Two highly anticipated girls CS8 soccer matchups give us the hitting, we get the usual filthy

Big Nasty: April 30th

  The temps are rising but the bass drops in this week’s Big Nasty. We’ve got the face first slides, dingers, and the sweetest new dance moves set to the Walmart Yodeling Kid remix.

Big Nasty: April 23rd

  If you need anymore evidence that girls kick ass, look no further than this week’s Big Nasty! We’ve got jacks, diving catches and more #ToughSoccerGirls. The dudes get some love too, including some

Big Nasty: April 16th

  A full week of games actually getting played means Big Nasty is the best of the best. We’ve got dingers, girls soccer hits, strikeouts that make your knees buckle and occasionally there’s some

Big Nasty: April 9th

  Does it hurt more to drag your face through the dirt on a slide when it’s 29 degrees out and snowing? Probably, but Pleasant Plains’ Sepp Mattera can confirm with us. A frozen

Big Nasty: April 2nd

  Rain and snow forced us to get creative with content. Jay Philly decided to take one for the team, get a little muddy and enjoy this wonderful Spring weather. Faith Washko helps us

Big Nasty: March 26th

  If you thought we were going to casually wade into the spring sports season, think again. Baseball, softball and soccer fought off nasty and cold weather to produce some big games and we

Big Nasty: March 19th

  We end the basketball season Big Nasty in impressive fashion thanks to Southeast, Morgan Park and some rowdy fans. With Spring starting this week, we also get into baseball season with dingers and

Big Nasty: March 12th

  If you were at any of the sectional games at Eisenhower, you know exactly how lit that sectional was. We’ve recaptured the biggest, best and nastiest moments from those three games for this

Big Nasty: March 5th

  For only shooting nine basketball games last week…we had no trouble filling Big Nasty with ankle breakers, dunks, blocks, Old Man Throwbacks and some bone crushing hits on the hardwood.

Big Nasty: February 26th

  When the importance of the games goes up, so too does the level of Big Nasty. Not only does every dunk and every swat get a greater reaction, but the fans… the fans!

Big Nasty: February 19th

  Make sure your parents watch Big Nasty this week because we had more than usual acting up in the stands. Dunks and blocks get meaner as the postseason picks up and we had

Big Nasty: February 12th

  We’re had an office debate about the dunks this week and whether or not it was the best week of dunks we’ve had this season. You know what that means… #BigNasty is HOT!

Big Nasty: February 5th

  What do we do when the fans turn their cameras on us?? STARING CONTEST! No shortage of dunks this week and there was as much tackling on the court as there was fans