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Big Nasty: January 20

  The cold weather pushed everyone in the gyms to a boiling point this week. Fans behaving badly, vicious blocks, diving for loose balls and City wrestling brought the boom for Big Nasty this

Big Nasty: January 13

  Brace for impact because this #BigNasty brought out the best of what winter sports had to offer. From rivalry games to wrestling we got all the dunks, pins, blocks, takedowns, crossovers, and reactions

Big Nasty: January 6

  A slow week to start the new year didn’t slow down the Big Nasty content we did get. We had to expand a bit to include some football and some extra teams, but

Big Nasty: December 30

  Holiday Tournaments featured more basketball games than we can count – so you know #BigNasty was going to be a doozy this week. Every dunk, block, spill, tie up, #OMTB, and even a

Big Nasty: December 23

  We keep it festive as hoops and wrestling got us in the Christmas spirit for this week’s #BigNasty. Deck the halls with high flying dunks, bruising pins, ankle breaking crossovers, vicious blocks, and

Big Nasty: December 16

  We’re making a naughty list with Big Nasty this week and let’s just say….Santa isn’t too happy. Blocks, collisions, hard fouls, Old Man Throw Backs (OMTB’s) and so much more has this week

Big Nasty: December 9

  Hoops are in full swing! That means we’ve got more dunks, blocks and floor burns than you can count. Plus we hit the mats to show you the best takedowns in another stuffed

Big Nasty: December 2

  Two state championship games ended our football season on a high note, add in some turkey tournament action and you’ve got a stacked #BigNasty. We got huge dunks, vicious blocks, hard hitting-sacks and

Big Nasty: November 25

  Semifinal Saturday brought out the truck sticks, hard hits and some big time collisions on the gridiron. We get our first taste of basketball Big Nasties as well as only two football teams

Big Nasty: November 18

  No surprises here, but the quarterfinals brought the thuds. Six football teams plus two state volleyball teams in action made sure there was absolutely no drop off in energy this week. See who

Big Nasty: November 11

  Playoff mode #BigNasty delivered in a monumental way as supersectional volleyball and second round football brought their a-game. From jukes to spikes and and everything in between, no player was safe because we

Big Nasty: November 4

  Playoff football puts the nasty in Big Nasty this week. Guys took no prisoners when it came to the hits and we caught plenty of them with all the action from Saturday. Soccer

Big Nasty: October 28

  The final week of the regular season brought out some of the nastiest hits we’ve seen this year! Plus no one was safe on the SHG turf for 1A soccer sectionals and some

Big Nasty: Oct 21

  This week’s #BigNasty cranks it up a notch as the regular seasons are coming to a close! From fierce spikes to vicious tackles, we saw some of our nastiest plays headed to playoff

Big Nasty: October 14

  We caught some great form tackles, a few pancakes from the big boys and the usual running backs trucking safeties who weren’t quite ready. Big soccer games brought out some fierce collisions and