Pigskin Preview: Athens Warriors


School: Athens          

Mascot:  Warriors

Head Coach: Ryan Knox

Years at School: 14 total 11 as the head coach

Overall Record: 70-40

Assistant Coaches: Joe Reed, Curtis Dion, Brett Ripple, Sean Knox, Bill Reed, Willie Thompson, Zach Reed, Fletcher Morgan 

Last Year’s Conference Record: 7-2

Last Year’s Overall Record: 8-3

Postseason: 2ndRound

2018 Team Scoring Average: 31 points per game

2018 Team Yards per Game Average: 355 per game

2018 Team Yards per Game Passing: 57 per game

2018 Team Yards per Game Rushing: 298 per game

2018 Team Points Allowed Per Game: 16.5 points per game

2018 Team Yards Allowed Per Game: 214 yards per game

2018 Team Yards Allowed per Game Passing: 94 yards per game

2018 Team Yards Allowed Per Game Rushing: 120 yards per game

School State Championships: 0

School Conference Championships: 0

Biggest Rival Game Every Year: Williamsville and Maroa

Number of Players out this season: 54

Number of returning letterman: 15

Number of returning starters: 11

Offense: 5 (7 returners who started 4 or more games)

Defense: 6 (7 returners depending on the matchup)

Top Returnees from 2018


Nic Laird (SR): Leading rusher last year

Jack Richards: QB 2-year starter

Caleb Orme (SR): Won’t have until week 3 or 4 depending on when he returns from basic training

Riley Lopian (SR): has started games at Tight End, Right Tackle and Left Guard

Payton Shaffer (SR): 3-year starter at Right Guard

Logan Bushong (SR): 2-year starter at Left Tackle

Kolbe Kinney (SR): Started at Tight End when Tisdale went down for the season


Dylan Fletcher (SR): 3-year starter at safety/nickel corner

Riley Lopian (SR): 3-year starter at linebacker

Deyson Davis (JR): 2-year starter at linebacker

Nic Laird (SR): 3-year starter at Linebacker

Kolbe Kinney: 2-year starter at Defensive end

Wyatt Boyer: spot starts at Safety

Kaleb Childers: spot starts at Corner

Jack Richards: 2-year starter at corner

Who are the newcomers we should know about and why?

Isaiah Cody, Caleb Leathers, Clay Alderman, Colby Sholtis, Kaleb Childers, Wyatt Boyer

(They have had solid summers)

What are the questions marks for this team heading into the 2019 season?

The position group that we had to replace the most starters with is the defensive line. We are still competing to round out the offensive line. We also have a good competition going at wingback. Our returning starter, Caleb Orme is at basic training.

What’s something unique about this team that’s worth noting? 

They all seem to get along.

Head Coach Ryan Knox says:

“We have some depth at the skills position which is something we have lacked in the past. We have a lot of guys we feel comfortable with handing the ball off to.”