"SHG Tackle Oseland Commits to Minnesota Over Illinois"
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08/13/2014 2:34PM
SHG Tackle Oseland Commits to Minnesota Over Illinois
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08/13/2014 4:42PM
Congrats Quinn!
Which had to be a tough decision. Hope to see you working on the other side of the line as well this year. If not the faithful love watching you opening holes and blocking down field with the positive results from your effort.
08/13/2014 8:17PM
Congrats Quin:::
Great choice Jerry Kill an old Sakuki guy! Keegan's Uncle Dave Grady.
08/14/2014 12:40PM
Welcome to the land of Ski-u-ma Quinn! Glad to have you in minnesota!
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Glenwood cheerleaders Riley Curtis and Katie Hummert are great at cheering, but how are they at basic math? Yes, those were bad hair extensions. No, their milkshake didn't bring any boys to the yard. But they do have a pretty decent Thomas Rhett impression.
Hockey, wrestling, swimming and boys and girls hoops. Plenty nominated for the Antonio's Pizza Prime Time Performer. The winner at the end of the week gets $20 for Antonio's Pizza!
This weeks top five plays features a wrestler getting some revenge, another half court buzzer beater, a behind the back pass on the ice, a crazy finish at the rim and arguably the most ferocious dunk we've seen this year. 

TWO! The number of times Matt Watson break's ankles this week. ONE! The number of dunks that Matt Wendling and Brandon McCombs provided. NONE! The number of dunks from Devin Richardson... despite ONE attempt. 

We're requesting that Auburn wrestling head coach Matt Grimm starts an interview portion for each practice. Or don't. The Trojans supply us with great Say What!? material. Merg auditions for an on air gig. Olivia Kaufmann is a better scorer that talker and Kyle Weber sure isn't giving DP the keys to the castle.