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Springfield High's Kierra Weir achieves diva status while swinging from a Chandelier and trying to convince us that Mt. Rushmore is America's tallest mountain. 
We've got late game heroics, a 36 point performance and a wrestler who notched career win #100 en route to a PORTA Invite title. VOTE!

Plays Of The Week: December 15th

Watch Aarin Thames rise up for an alley-oop, Ryan Freer light up the Pretzels, and Auburn's Brock Barnhill continue to make a name for himself in this week's POTW!
A solid week of Big Nasties feature another installment of the Obi Show, additional material for the Aarin Thames highlight reel, and proof that Cole Harper can actually throw one down.  Amazing.
Xavier Bishop hopes you didn't notice the fact that he didn't hit a 3 pointer on Saturday. We noticed. And the Sinclair's are taking over the bench in Pleasant Plains, but at least one of them is getting paid what he's actually worth.