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LuHi senior forward Josh Kirby loses a dunk contest, talks about his cougar girlfriend and her ex-military father, and he throws the whip to the Little Einsteins remix... Sort of. 
Nothing brings out the true Prime Time Performers like the playoffs, and WOW did we have some kids step up last week. #VOTE!
Watch as Ethan Hunt nails seven 3-pointers to take the CS8 crown and relive the incredible series of events that led to Rochester's breathtaking comeback over #1 U-High. 
There are few things bigger or nastier than a perfectly executed "Old Man Throw Back" and we've got a full variety pack this week. We've also got little dude's flexing, big dudes pinning each other in record time and ankle breaking step back 3's. 
Does everyone cry when they lose baby teeth or is that just Rochester's Meagan McNicholas?  Mix in some Baby E chants, some An-ge-la chants, and watch my GHS girls figure out what 7x3 equals and you've got this week's Say What?!?!