"Holiday Tournament Schedules and Brackets"
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SHG crafty lefty Ben McElwee introduces us to the "Slippery Wilson," sings Katy Perry for his freshman crush "Jane Doe" and explains how his feminine look and his 81 MPH fastball "will getcha" in this week's Ten Question Tuesday.
It's a short list this week, but it's a start studded short list. Some of the best players in the area will duke it out for the final PTP of the winter sports season!
Check out Becca Jostes' OT winner for Rochester, Glenwood's variety of top goals from throughout the week, and a battle for catch of the week between SHG's Patrick Belz and Williamsville's Talon File.
SHG's Matt Richey breaks of as nasty of a curve ball as you'll ever see in HS, Rochester's Baylee Smith takes HERSELF out on the pitch, & Former Intern Stephen is lucky he still has a job after he came within inches of destroying a camera while standing in front of a line drive.
Glenwood's Madison Volpert shows off the pagaent wave, Plains' Daulton Nibbe is ready for a free cone from DQ, while Auburn's Seth Bates plans on running one-legged track this spring.